Troop 345 held the PLC on April 5. At the meeting we decided to postpone the Patrol Leader elections for a month in hopes that we could have the elections in person. The Current list of Patrol Leaders is listed below.

Please feel free to contact your Patrol Leader if you need help wil rank advancement or if you have any other questions. Also, we are expanding the the postion of APL to include Troop Guide to new scouts. This will be discussed further next month when we have the Patrol Leader elections.

Other open leadership positions include: Troop Guides, Den Chiefs (which start in August), Scribe, Librarian, Quartermaster, Order of the Arrow Representative, Webmaster, Bugler and Chaplain Aide. If you are interested in any of these positions contact the SPL.

Troop 345’s Current Patrol Leaders Are:

PatrolPatrol Leader
Super PatrolUnknown
Elite LionsAlex F.
TurtlesGrant G.
EaglesHenry W.
PegasusTamsin M.
PlatypusRussell L.
New Scouts PatrolWilliam S (Troop Guide)

Each Month a different Assitant Senior Patrol Leader will be in charge of planning and running the meetings.

The meeting month and the Assitant Patrol Leaders are:

April 2020Andre C.
May 2020Erik G.
June 2020David P.
July 2020David P.
August 2020Brian G.
September 2020Brian G.
October 2020Erik G.

Important Information

  • We are finding new and exciting ways to help scouts continue to work on rank advancement and merit badges. This will most likely occur using Zoom, and app similar to Facetime. If you have rank advancement or merit badge that you are ready to complete, please contact Mr. Corkill, Mr. Jackson or Dr. Hruska.
  • Mr. Corkill has all of the troop merit badge booklets at home. Please contact him if you require one.
  • Mr. Jackson is currently finishing the Snow Sports merit badge and is beginning Communications. Contact Mr. Jackson if you are interested.
  • We are working with Mrs. Saindon to resume the Law merit Badge.

Summer Activities Updated

The 2020 Calendar has been updated. Due to the current conditions, the Air Force Campout has been cancelled. The dates for the Lost Creek Wilderness Backpaking Trip, New Scout Campout, Camp Cris Dobbins, Alpine Trek and the Rafting trip can all be found within the 2020 Calendar.

If you wish to attend any of these events please email Mr. Corkill with:

  • The name of the event you want to attend.
  • The name of the Scout attending.
  • The Scout’s Patrol.
  • Will the Scout need a ride? (yes/no)
  • Name of Parent (if attending).
  • Is the Parent able to drive? (yes/no)
  • If driving, list the number of available seatbelts.

Bryan on Scouting put together a great blog on the merit bages that can be completed at home. Here is a link to that blog.

Completing a merit badge during this time is not that different for scouts. Here are the steps to help you out.

  1. Find a registered merit badge counselor. Scouts should work with their Scoutmaster to identify a merit badge counselor for the badge or badges they want to earn. Troop 345 has a list of merit badge counselors that you should have received in an email from the SPL.
  2. Use the official Requirements. The official requirements for all 137 merit badges can be found Scouting.Org’s Merit Badge Page. All merit badges have some requirements that can be completed during this time. Byan on Scouting’s blog (above) lists those that can be completed during Social Distancing.
  3. HAVE FUN! Earning merit badges is one of the all time favorite activities of scouting. Other than merit badges required for Eagle, scouts get to pick any merit badge that interests them. The decision is yours! Remember, if it seems like homework…you are doing it wrong!!

TROOP 345!

The Special Jamboree on the interntet is happening this weekend from April 3rd until April 5th. More information will be sent to you on Scoutbook also check out If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Poole on Scoutbook!