Court of Honor – Jan 14 – 7:00PM-8:30PM At Hope United Methodist Church



2016 Copper Mountain Ski Trip

When: Friday 1/22 – Sunday 1/ 24

Where: Copper Mountain

Lodging: Copper Mountain Inn – Main Room #425


  • Friday: Evening snacks – pizza
  • Saturday: Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Sunday: Breakfast & Lunch

ROSTER: Please review the camping roster sent prior and let us know if your name and number of family members is marked correctly.

If not, please let Benny or Aaron know as soon as possible.

SCHEDULE: Also attached, find the schedule for the camping weekend. We have campsites 36, 38, 40, 42, 46 all 3 nights, site 43 from Saturday until Monday.l

SHOPPING: Anyone available Wednesday evening, we could use help shopping for the camp-out.

We will meet at the Park Meadows COSTCO at 6:30 pm , Wednesday 9/2.

LOADING: We also need help loading the trailer during next Thursday’s troop meeting outside the church.

FIREWOOD:  Anyone who has space in their cars and could take fire wood, the Miller family has lots of free firewood. Please call or text Ginger Miller to arrange for firewood pick up.

Transporting and using firewood WITHIN the same state is allowed.

COOKING MERIT BADGE: Mrs. Miller will be working with the older scouts, who have started this badge awhile back, with some requirements.

If interested, look at the cooking merit badge workbook, plan a meal for yourself and another adult , buy and bring the ingredients, bring a backpacking stove if you have one, and be ready to cook this meal on Saturday as lunch.

Anyone, who has a backpacking stove for this, please bring along.

BIKING:  Bring your bike if interested in joining the bike ride Saturday afternoon.

REMEMBER: This is bear country, we have to follow all the rules for bear safety and store all the food etc accordingly!

CELL PHONE COVERAGE – contact info: There is no or very limited cell reception at the camp ground. Cell reception starts immediately outside the campground towards Aspen.

Please contact any of the following people with questions:

Benny Sakiewicz

Aaron Stasio

Joe Stasio

Debbie Stasio

Paul Sakiewicz

Andrea Sakiewicz

We are very much looking forward to ANOTHER WONDERFUL SCOUTING WEEKEND!

Benny and Aaron

For those attending Camp Dietler, a few very important announcements for scouts and parents:

Health Forms

Although we all turned in Health Forms A and B for re-charter, we all will need Form C, the one the doctor signs, and a copy of immunization records (the Colorado form) for Camp Dietler this summer.  I would strongly urge you to make appointments in the next few weeks for the “well-scout” check and get this Form C signed by the physician.  If these are not completed, your son cannot attend Dietler.
  Current means within a year of camp, i.e. July 5, 2014; hence, any Form C older than July 5, 2014 will need to be redone.  Forms are available at the website

I only have a current Form C from the following scouts, and Bruce Johnson may have a few (which I will add to the list this Thursday):
Ryan Mahoney
William Miller
Benson Adams
Nico Kuiper

That means the majority of us will need Form C done in the next five weeks.

Get them if you don’t have them now and break ’em in.

Orange Cards
I need orange cards for Dietler and the $40.00 deposit from:
Cameron Crites
Joe Caldwell
Connor Corkill
Curtis George
Ryan Harris
Austin Egan
Tyler Iden
Jackson Weeks
Colin McCann
Nicholas Saindon
Mathew Poynter
Blake Burns
Christian Hentrich
Andrew Turano

Swim Test
We need to swim test before camp.  The date will be June 11, 2015 at 6:30 PM at the Trails Recreation Center.  This will take the place of our regular troop meeting that night, and will also be fun (slides and a good lazy river).  But the swim test is somewhat rigorous for boys and adults that don’t swim much, so I recommend getting to pools and doing a little bit of conditioning.