Troop 345 will be holding its first virtual campout on Saturday, May 2 in your backyard.
Scouts will set up their tents and sleep in their own yard but come together for knife
skills, fire building and safety, and a virtual campfire. Since we cannot have our normal campouts, this will count toward campouts for early ranks!

Saturday Afternoon

4:00-4:30Scouts “present themselves ready for a campout and discuss camping basics.
4:30-5:00SEt up campsite (i.e. set up your tents)
5:00-5:30Knife safety
5:30-6:00Fire building and safety
6:00-7:00Make / eat dinner (scouts should prepare their own meals as much as possible)
7:00-8:00Free Time
9:00End of formal activities / lights out

Sunday Morning

8:00Breakfast (scouts should prepare their own meals as much as possible
9:00Breakdown campsite

We will plan to have a Zoom meeting open for all activities, during meals and for the campfire.

A Message from your SPL

This is your SPL, Daniel. This week on Thursday, April 23 we will hold a virtual Troop
Meeting using Zoom.

If you have any questions regarding this meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me or your ASPL, Andre. Please feel free to contact your Patrol leader if you need help with rank advancement or if you have any other questions. Below is a schedule of events:

Time (P.M.)EventLeaders
6:00 – 6:50New Scout Meeting. Tenderfoot First Aid.Russel
Mr. Wilcox
7:00-7:50Law merit badgeMrs. Saindon
Mrs. Landry
8:00-8:50Open Forum for any questions, rank advancement or merit badge work.Mr. Corkill
Mr. Jackson

Here are the details for the New Scout Meetings (again, to join these Zoom meetings, use the link in received in email):
Time: Thursday from 6:00 – 6:50 (NOTE TIME CHANGE). New scouts please join us every Thursday from 6:00 – 6:50 pm to work on early rank
advancement. This week Tenderfoot First Aid. To join, use the link below. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Wilcox.
Senior Scouts Needed to Plan and Run the New Scout Meetings:
We need senior scouts to plan the meetings for the new scouts. These meetings will cover various early rank advancement topics (knot tying, first aid, outdoor skills, etc.). If you would like to plan and lead one of these meetings, please contact Mr. Wilcox at

Here are the details for the Law Merit Badge Meeting. Mrs. Saindon will be picking up where we stopped.

Be Prepared. Bring your work packages.

Starting on Thursday, April 16, we will be holding weekly virtual meetings for all new scouts to work on early rank advancement (Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class). Any scouts who have not achieved these ranks are welcome to join us to work on advancement. The meetings will be from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

For our first meeting, we will work on Tenderfoot Knot Tying (Tenderfoot requirements 4 a – d). You may use the link below to access the Zoom meeting.
The ZOOM meeting ID will be in your email or you can contact Mr. Corkill or Mr. Wilcox for the information.

Troop 345! Our summer camp is scheduled for June 21st until June 27th.

If you can not signed up yet and you need more information, you can read all about in the Camp Cris Dobbins Program Guide (Program Guide).

The Program Guide contains some great information and will get you exicted about summer camp. Key information includes:

  • Page 17 decribes the merit badge options.
  • Page 32 talks about the White Water Rafting option.
  • Page 41-43 talks about the times available for the merit badges.
  • Be sure to check out Page 47, it has a check list of Forms that will need to be sent to “info at troop 345 denver dot org.”

It is time for you to start planning your activites for summer camp. Your mom or dad has received a worksheet that needs to be filled out and returned to “advancement at troop 345 denver dot org” no later than Friday May 17th!

Troop 345 held the PLC on April 5. At the meeting we decided to postpone the Patrol Leader elections for a month in hopes that we could have the elections in person. The Current list of Patrol Leaders is listed below.

Please feel free to contact your Patrol Leader if you need help wil rank advancement or if you have any other questions. Also, we are expanding the the postion of APL to include Troop Guide to new scouts. This will be discussed further next month when we have the Patrol Leader elections.

Other open leadership positions include: Troop Guides, Den Chiefs (which start in August), Scribe, Librarian, Quartermaster, Order of the Arrow Representative, Webmaster, Bugler and Chaplain Aide. If you are interested in any of these positions contact the SPL.

Troop 345’s Current Patrol Leaders Are:

PatrolPatrol Leader
Super PatrolUnknown
Elite LionsAlex F.
TurtlesGrant G.
EaglesHenry W.
PegasusTamsin M.
PlatypusRussell L.
New Scouts PatrolWilliam S (Troop Guide)

Each Month a different Assitant Senior Patrol Leader will be in charge of planning and running the meetings.

The meeting month and the Assitant Patrol Leaders are:

April 2020Andre C.
May 2020Erik G.
June 2020David P.
July 2020David P.
August 2020Brian G.
September 2020Brian G.
October 2020Erik G.

Important Information

  • We are finding new and exciting ways to help scouts continue to work on rank advancement and merit badges. This will most likely occur using Zoom, and app similar to Facetime. If you have rank advancement or merit badge that you are ready to complete, please contact Mr. Corkill, Mr. Jackson or Dr. Hruska.
  • Mr. Corkill has all of the troop merit badge booklets at home. Please contact him if you require one.
  • Mr. Jackson is currently finishing the Snow Sports merit badge and is beginning Communications. Contact Mr. Jackson if you are interested.
  • We are working with Mrs. Saindon to resume the Law merit Badge.

Summer Activities Updated

The 2020 Calendar has been updated. Due to the current conditions, the Air Force Campout has been cancelled. The dates for the Lost Creek Wilderness Backpaking Trip, New Scout Campout, Camp Cris Dobbins, Alpine Trek and the Rafting trip can all be found within the 2020 Calendar.

If you wish to attend any of these events please email Mr. Corkill with:

  • The name of the event you want to attend.
  • The name of the Scout attending.
  • The Scout’s Patrol.
  • Will the Scout need a ride? (yes/no)
  • Name of Parent (if attending).
  • Is the Parent able to drive? (yes/no)
  • If driving, list the number of available seatbelts.