Hi everyone it is your troop SPL, Mason. I am sending out this email to inform all of you about some of the steps we are taking to make sure that your scouting experience continues even through this difficult time. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will not be having meetings in the foreseeable future to help protect our Scouts and prevent the spread of the virus. Do this if you would like to continue to work on rank advancement and merit badges we will be offering merit badge counseling through the platform Zoom if you have any questions about that please contact Mr. Corkhill. In addition to this, recently Mr. Corkhill sent out a troop 345 roster if you could please update your information on this roster as soon as possible that would be great! Lastly, we will do our best to keep you updated about when meetings will start up again please everyone stays safe to wash your hands and keeps up the good work.

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