Hello all!   This is your new SPL of Troop 345, Daniel. Even under the unfortunate circumstances of not being able to see each other due to COVID-19, we still want to make sure that all scouts have an awesome scouting experience. In order to do this, there are a few things we need to discuss. First, we are considering hosting a PLC over “Zoom,” a online app similar to Facetime. This will take place on April 5th.   Next, let us congratulate our chosen ASPLs: Eric, David, and Brian. Now, assuming your new role, you must communicate to find out who will be responsible for which months. One ASPL will need to cover a 3rd month, October. Also, the ASPLs need to determine who their adult mentor will be during their months as ASPL. Both of these things should be completed by the PLC on April 5th. Now, considering your new position, I would like each ASPL to have goals of what they would like to accomplish during their time as ASPL. These goals should be for the benefit of the troop as a whole. Finally, if each ASPL could please reply with the following information it would be great: your personal e-mail address, and — if you have one — your personal phone number.   I am excited to be Troop 345’s SPL and I look forward to 6 months of working with all of you. Thank you.

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