Bryan on Scouting put together a great blog on the merit bages that can be completed at home. Here is a link to that blog.

Completing a merit badge during this time is not that different for scouts. Here are the steps to help you out.

  1. Find a registered merit badge counselor. Scouts should work with their Scoutmaster to identify a merit badge counselor for the badge or badges they want to earn. Troop 345 has a list of merit badge counselors that you should have received in an email from the SPL.
  2. Use the official Requirements. The official requirements for all 137 merit badges can be found Scouting.Org’s Merit Badge Page. All merit badges have some requirements that can be completed during this time. Byan on Scouting’s blog (above) lists those that can be completed during Social Distancing.
  3. HAVE FUN! Earning merit badges is one of the all time favorite activities of scouting. Other than merit badges required for Eagle, scouts get to pick any merit badge that interests them. The decision is yours! Remember, if it seems like homework…you are doing it wrong!!

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