A Message from your SPL

This is your SPL, Daniel. This week on Thrusday, April 30th we will hold our second virtual Troop Meeting using Zoom.

If you have any questions regarding this meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me or your ASPL, Andre. Please feel free to contact your Patrol Leader if you need help with rank advancement or if you have any other questions. Below is the schedule of events:

Time (P.M)EventLeaders
6:00 – 6:50New Scouts meet for Hiking Safety and
Virtual Campout Preparations
Mr. Wilcox
7:00 – 7:50Law Merit BadgeMrs Saindon
Mrs Landry
8:00 – 8:50Open Forum for any questions regarding rank advancment or merit badge work.Mr. Corkill
Mr. Jackson

Note: Scouts interested in taking advantage of the Open Forum section of our meeting please email Mr. Jackson with the specific area which you wish to cover so that we can have the appropreate number of adult leaders available to work with you. If you have questions regarding the Troop Meeting, please do no hesitate to contact me or your ASPL Andrew. Use the ZOOM link emailed to you to join the meeting.

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