Hello everyone, this week we will be meeting at Westlands Park STARTING at 7pm and ending at 8:30pm.

The Gladiator Patrol will be doing Flags, and we will be playing Sponge Ball.

We will continue Signs, Signals, and Coding Merit Badge. We are trying to work out an Eagle required merit badge and possibly another. For rank advancement, we will focus on knot tying and Citizenship Rank Advancement.

We will also begin keeping a registry for those who have had their COVID vaccine. If you want to be added to the list, you can snap a photo or show it to Mrs. Gibbons.

Face Masks for all at meetings will still be REQUIRED.

Also, if you are interested in receiving the vaccine below is a link to a flyer containing pertinent COVID vaccine info.

Upcoming Events:

A swim test for Dobbins and Rank advancement is this Friday and the following Friday at Lone Tree Rec Center or the CCV pool next to Cottonwood. Details are still being worked out. If you are a member of Sundance Pool, you can do swim tests with Mr. Wilcox this Thursday June 17th from 1 to 2. Alternatively, you can send a video of your swim test at least 3 days before Dobbins to Mr. Wilcox.

The Troop will also be going to Camp Dobbins from June 27- July 3rd. 

A group of older scouts will be attending Sea Base on July 6-12th.

July 15th instead of a normal meeting we will have a Legacy Picnic.

We are doing the Peach Campout July 16-18.

August 5-7, we will have a rafting trip

September 12th, we will be doing a 14er campout.

October 1-3rd we will be doing a campout at Golden Gate Campsite

If you have any question let Mr. Wilcox, or your SPL know.