Hello scouts and adults this is your SPL Andre Champeau, I will be sending these emails from now until the end of April 2022! We have a lot of updates coming your way and I suggest taking part in many of the events scheduled for the next few weeks. We had a very successful session and turnout for ILST, let’s make it happen again this week, very big thank you to Dr. Hruska for making this happen.

1. Thursday, Nov 11 Veterans Day Celebration at CMS From 9:15 am to 9:45 am assist Campus put together their spectacular annual Veterans Day Ceremony! Contact Mr. Wilcox or Mrs. Gibbons if interested.

2. Friday, November 12 ILST Module 3 & Overnighter Please arrive at 6:00 (dinner not provided) we will have many activities including wrapping up ILST 2021 Show up if interested. Or contact your SPL or Mr. Wilcox for questions.

3. Saturday, Nov. 13 Annual Plan & Parents Breakfast We will have breakfast at 8:00 am and the annual plan will start at 9:00. This is a great opportunity to make your voice heard for the activities of 2022. Patrol Leaders: You are responsible for talking to your patrol to come up with at least 5 activities. Contact your SPL or Mr. Wilcox for questions.

4. Saturday, Nov. 13 5 Mile Hike Immediately following the Annual Plan, we will hike down to CCSP for a 2nd Class Requirement. Contact your SPL or Mr. Wilcox for questions.

5. Sunday, Nov 14 Committee and Adult Leaders meeting This meeting is for the adults of our troop and starts at 7:00 pm at Hope.

6. Saturday, Nov 20 Philmont Backpacking Training Hike Please meet at Hope at 8:30 with a full 20–30-pound pack, this is to simulate the weight you will be carrying on your back for the duration of the trek. If you need a pack, please contact Mr. Champeau. Everyone going on Philmont is highly encouraged to attend however everyone is invited, we will be hiking at the bluffs near Park Meadows Mall. Contact your SPL or Mr. Wilcox for questions.

7. Thursday, Dec 16 Gift Exchange and Holiday Party Scouts should bring a wrapped gift from $15-$20. Outdoor or scout theme is recommended however not required. Contact your SPL or Mr. Wilcox for questions.

8. Jan 21-23 Copper Mountain Ski Trip If interested, please sign-up ASAP so that we can determine our numbers and make appropriate reservations. The troop usually rents a very large condominium and provides all meals with a cost per person of approximately $150 for two nights (may be higher this year as rents have gone up significantly). If you just want to meet up during the day, but not overnight, you can mention that In your Orange card. Please Contact Mr. Jackson if you are interested or if you have questions.

We have a PLC on 11/21 hope to see you all there.

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