Troop 345 Weekly Email 
Hello, this week we will have the totin’ chip and firem’n chit for our new scouts, we will be continuing the 90-day MB (Personal Fitness, Personal Management, and Family Life) the workbook links are below. Very important!! We have a PLC after the meeting on April 7th, all scouts that are current leadership (Term is ending at the end of April) and scouts who were previously on last Thursday, March 31st, are expected to attend please contact Andre or Henry if you are unable to attend, IF YOU ARE NOT GOING YOU MUST SEND SOMEONE TO BE IN YOUR PLACE. More information is down in the PLC section. 
Personal Fitness: Microsoft Word – Personal-Fitness.docx ( 
Personal Management: Personal Management ( 
Family Life: Microsoft Word – Family-Life.docx ( 
1 April 8th – 10th PV Campout This will be at Camp Dobbins in the spring. 
We will go shopping for this either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, if you are going and are registered, please plan to go shopping with us, (Location and time: TBD). If you would like to attend but are not signed up yet, please do so by tomorrow (Monday, April 3rd, 2022at 11:59 pm MST) we are closing registration. Please register at 
2 April 23rd Trash the Trash This is a BSA activity, and we would like to participate in it as well 
3 July 29th – July 31st Rafting Campout Please Email Mr. Champeau.
4 August 1st -12th World Scout Jamboree Please the below information by Mr. Mohr Please Contact Mr. Mohr for questions 

Next PLC: 
We will be trying something new for the next PLC, due to declining participation in our Sunday monthly meetings, we thought that we would try to have PLCs on a biweekly basis. Our first PLC will be in two weeks on April 7th. This meeting will be held after the meeting for about half an hour. As a friendly reminder, all scouts who are either patrol leaders or are ASPLs are expected to be there. If you cannot be at any of the PLCs, please talk to your assistant patrol leader to fill in for you or another scout in your patrol. 

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