Hello Scouts,

I hope everyone enjoyed the last meeting at the park. As you’ll see below, next week we have our court of honor at Sundance Pool then back to the church. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the pool next week.

Here’s the update:

1) August 17 – Court of Honor at Sundance Pool. We will need scouts to volunteer as MC (reminder: this is a requirement for the Communications merit badge)
Swimming from 5 – 6 pm
Pot Luck 6 – 7 pm (details below)
Court of Honor 7 – 8 pm
We must be out of the pool by 8:00 pm

Pot Luck Assignments:
Valkyries – Dessert
Panini Monkeys – Side dish / salad
Pyromaniacs – Main dish
Nighthawks – Main dish
Butterside Down – Chef’s choice

2) Sunday, August 20 – Adult Leaders Meeting, 7:00 pm at Hope

3) August 24 – Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) after the regular meeting – all scouts with leadership positions are expected to attend; all scouts are encouraged to attend.

4) August 26 – District Fishing Derby for those who need to complete the Fishing merit badge requirements at Lake Lehow. Advanced registration is required. If we have enough scouts interested, we can make this a troop event. Otherwise, scouts can register and go on their own. Please, let me know if you are interested or register here (also let me know): https://denverboyscouts.doubleknot.com/registration/calendardetail.aspx?activitykey=2983193&orgkey=1703&ReturnURL=//denverboyscouts.doubleknot.com/app/calendar/month/1703/2023-08-01/1703/0/

5) September 8 – 10 – 14er Campout. Location TBD. Scouts must be 14 or accompanied by an adult to attend this campout.

6) September 29 – Oct 1 – District Camporee. Super fun district campout with a day of competitions (that we ruled last year). Highly encourage all scouts to attend.

7) Peaches should be delivered on August 24 or 25. Please, plan to turn your orders and money at the court of honor on August 17. There will also be an in-person sale on Saturday, August 26 at 8:00am. Any scouts who participate will split the proceeds.

That’s all I can think of right now. Please, let me know if I’ve forgotten anything or if you have any questions.

Mr. Wilcox

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