Hello scouts,

Tonight we completed most of the Citizenship in the World merit badge and started on the Pets merit badge with Mrs. Lagerquist. Next week we’ll finish both of those before heading into Spring Break. 

Here are the updates:

1) Sunday, March 10 – Adult Leaders Meeting – 6:00 pm Committee Meeting; 7:00 pm Adult Leaders (if needed). All parents and adult leaders are invited to attend.

2) March 21 – No Meeting, Spring Break

3) March 23 – Evan’s Eagle Project at Cherry Creek High School. More details to follow.

4) March 29 – Quiet Meeting – We will have merit badges and advancement sign-offs downstairs but no flags, announcements, or game. This meeting will take place during the Holy Thursday service at Hope, so scouts should not come if they cannot be quiet and respectful of the services. Meeting will end at 8:00 pm.

5) April 6 – 7: Rocky Mountain Train Show – Scouts in uniform receive free entry and can complete the Railroading Merit Badge. More information at: http://www.rockymountaintrainshow.com.

6) April 5 – 7: Airforce Academy Campout. We will camp on the grounds of the academy, maybe visit their pool, bowling alley, go for a hike, and tour the academy. The academy needs names well in advance to ensure we have all the security clearances, so please sign up ASAP. Here is the signup: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0E4AAAAD22AA8-48011368-airforce

7) April 26 – 28: Great Sand Dunes Campout. One of our most popular campouts from last year is back. Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0E4AAAAD22AA8-48451061-great

8) We have space in our Northern Tier crews. This is canoeing in Northern Minnesota for a week departing on either July 10 or 13. Please, talk to Mr. Wilcox if you are interested.

9) We now also have a space on our SeaBase crew. This is sailing in the Caribbean starting on May 24. Please, let Mr. Wilcox know if you are interested.

10) We have added a second Philmont trek and have almost enough girls interested to have an all-girls crew. Our treks will begin on July 10, 2025 and last 10 days. This is a foundational experience of scouting and highly recommended for all scouts. You must be 14 or 13 and entering 9th grade and First Class. If you are at all interested, there are still some spaces available so let Mr. Wilcox know.

Thank you.

Mr. Wilcox

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