Hello everyone and Happy Fourth of July.  

The Dragons will be doing flags. We are still working out merit badges for this week but we will have at least 1 eagle required merit badge.

Face Masks for all at meetings will still be REQUIRED for people who are not fully vaccinated, and optional for those who are fully vaccinated.

Upcoming Events:

A group of older scouts will be attending Sea Base on July 6-12th.

July 15th instead of a normal meeting we will have a Legacy Picnic.

We are doing the Peach Campout during July on the 16-18. Please sign up for the campout if you would like to go on the website so we can figure out details.

August 5-7 we will have a rafting trip

September 12th we will be doing a 14er campout

October 1-3rd we will be doing a campout at Golden Gate Campsite

If you have any question let Mr. Wilcox, or your SPL know.

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