New Scouts will meet with Mr. Wilcox from 6pm to 7pm. Ms. Sainson will finish up the Law Merit badge from 7pm to 7:15pm. Mr. Jackson will start the Communications Merit badge after Ms. Sainson completes law.

A note to all scouts working on the Communications Merit bage! Please study the merit badge book and be ready to discuss them with Mr. Jackson at the meeting!

A Message from Your SPL

As quarantine proceeds, we will continue to have
weekly virtual Troop Meetings. Below is a schedule of events for the Meeting this week:

Time (p.m.)EventLeaders
6:00 to 6:50New Scouts meet for Flag Edicate and Personal Finance ManagmentMr. Wilcox
7:00 to 7:50Law Merit BadgeMrs. Saindon
Mrs. Landry
8:00 to 8:50Open Forum for any questions as well as working on the First Class RankMr. Corkill
Mr. Jacson

If you have any questions regarding the Troop Meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me or your ASPL, Erik. Please feel free to contact your Patrol leader if you need help with
rank advancement or if you have any other questions.

Below are the details for the New Scout Meetings. Please contact Mr. Wilcox if you have any questions. (Again, to join these Zoom meetings, the link provided in email.):

  • New Scout Meetings every Thrusday from 6:00 to 6:50. This week will be Flag Edicate and Personal Finance Managment. We need senior scouts to plan and lead the meetings.
  • Notes on the Law Merit badge are provided below.

A Note from Mrs. Saindon

Hello Scouts!

Notes from Sessions 1 through Sessions 3 are here. What can you expect for Sesssion 4 on May 7th?

We will complete Requirement 5, 10 and 11. Be Prepared to with a list of legal professions for Requirement 15.

Once the Stay-at-home orders are lifted and the courts reopen for regular operations, we will be able to complete requrements 6a and 7. Yay!!

Looking forword to our next session.

A message from the Scout Master

A few additional items for the New Scouts. The Virtual Campout starting May 2 is an opportunity to complete selveral of the requirements for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class. To complete these requirements, please Be Prepared to do the following:

  • Present yourself prepared for the campout (an example of packing list in on Page 268-269 of the Scout Handbook. You do not need all of these itesm, but it is a good place to start.
  • Set-up your own tent (with help from an adult or sibling). If you do not have an outdoor space, you can set-up your camp in your living room or even your bedroom.
  • Plan supper and breakfast for yourself (and your family). You may get some help but try to do as much as you can by yourself.
  • Prepare supper and breakfast for yourself (and your family). You may get some help but try to do as much as you can yourself.
  • If possible, use a camp stove or outdoor cooking methods to prepare the meals. If you do not have access to those methods, your kitchen will be fine.
  • For Knife Safety presentation – have your pocket knife.
  • For the Fire Building presentation – try to gather some sticks or other items that you can use to create a “sample” fire. If you have access to a fire pit or fireplace AND your parents’ permission you can start a fire as part of this. Starting the fire is not necessary to complete the requirement.
  • Have a song, skit and/or a joke prepared for the campfire.

Finally, for everyone, Scouting BSA is also holding the National Camp-in tomorrow starting at 8:00AM with some really cool sounding activities such as:

  • STEM time with Steve Wozniak
  • Movie Making with Hollywood directors.

The schedule has not been released, but you should plan to join if any of the activities are of interest. More at

Please direct your questions to Mr. Wilcox and we’ll see you tomorrow!

See you on Zoom May 2nd at 4pm!