Hello everyone this week we will be having a special meeting to complete missing requirements from Summer Camp. It is still at Westland’s Park at 7 Pm. Please complete your remaining merit badge requirements before the meeting, so we have plenty of time to finish up partial merit badges with Counselors.

Face Masks for all at meetings will still be REQUIRED for people who are not fully vaccinated, and optional for those who are fully vaccinated.

Just a reminder for everyone to sell peaches, I have attached a copy of the Peach flyer and a google form to keep track of your individual peach sales. Feel free to make a copy of either and utilize them to make the best of peach sales. Everyone can now start turning in peach sales at the upcoming meetings. We expect peaches to come in near the end of August, please have money at the time you turn in your orders. If the flyer is distorted just click open with Google Drive and it will be undistorted in document form.

Peach flyer- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AOrVV–KWIUMKtJ2uoztsq56psUYPzIe/view?usp=sharing
Google form- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AleIKSAGPfaWiXO4Nh6bqmuClte1jDU7cPP36GK1Uys/edit?usp=sharing

If you would like to Mc the upcoming Court of honor the 19th of August please talk to Mrs. Gibbons. Just a reminder Mcing a court of honor or campfire is a requirement for communications which is an eagle required Mb. 

Upcoming Events:

August 5-8: Rafting campout, sign up is now closed. Packing list and logistics to follow early this week. For more information contact Mr. Champeau.  
August 19: Court of Honor at Sundance Pool
August 27: Scouting Carnival at Hope Parking Lot – to get participation up in our local packs and troops. We’re going to set up a pinewood derby track, Launch some rockets, and set up different booths and tables.
September 10 – 12: 14’er Campout
September 16: Spl Elections
September 23: Patrol leader Elections
October 1 – 3: TBD campout at Golden Gate State Park

If you have any question please let Mr. Wilcox or your SLP know.

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