Hello everyone this week we will be having our Court of Honor at Sundance Pool. Come at 6 if you would like to swim, the ceremony starts at 7 with dinner provided. For appetizers and dessert we will break it up into the first letter of last name. First half (A-M) brings appetizers, and the second half (N-Z) brings desserts. Just a reminder for the Ceremony please wear a Class A.  

Face Masks for all at meetings will still be REQUIRED for people who are not fully vaccinated, and optional for those who are fully vaccinated.

Just a reminder for everyone to sell peaches, you can turn them in at meetings please have cash up front. We’re expecting peaches to come in on August 27th the same day as the Scouting Carnival. 

Upcoming Events:

August 27: Scouting Carnival at Hope Parking Lot – to get participation up in our local packs and troops. We’re going to set up a pinewood derby track, Launch some model rockets, and set up different booths and tables. Each patrol will set up a booth with different activities and competitions. We begin coming up with ideas at the previous meeting, make sure as a patrol to cement what you plan to do.
September 10 – 12: 14’er Campout
September 16: Spl Elections
September 23: Patrol leader Elections
October 1 – 3: TBD campout at Golden Gate State Park

If you have any questions please let Mr. Wilcox or your SPL know. Hope to see you all at the Court of Honor.

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