Hello Scouts,

MEETING TIME MOVING! Next week the meeting will start at 6:00 pm at Westlands Park, running to 7:30. The time is moving due to the shortening days. We hope to get back into Hope soon but are still waiting to learn when that will happen.

Other updates:

Thank you to everyone who helped with the peaches and scout carnival. We sold over 1,100 cases of peaches. And had a very successful carnival, generating a lot of excitement for our Cub Scout packs. Well, done everyone. And a special thanks to Mr. Corkill and Mr. Jackson for making those events happen.

14er Campout (Sept 10 – 12): Sign up by end of day on Friday, Sept 3. If you would like to help with planning, please contact Mr. Wilcox.

SPL Elections, Sept 16: If you would like to run for SPL, you need to let Colli, Mrs. Gibbons, or Mr. Wilcox know by the end of the meeting on Sept 9.

Patrol Leader Elections, Sept 23

Anyone who would like to be a Den Chief (working with a Cub Scout den as a leadership position), please contact Mr. Wilcox.

Oct 1 – 3 Campout has changed from Golden Gate State Park to the District Camporee at Tahosa. More details to follow.

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