Hello Scouts,

Small turnout today competing against the Creek football game, but hope everyone had a good time.

Here’s the update:

1) Good job everyone who sold peaches this year. Mr. Jackson sold the last few boxes at the meeting tonight, so we successfully sold nearly 1,100 cases of peaches!

2) Remember to wear your CLASS A UNIFORM next week. Starting in September, we will be enforcing that scouts are wearing uniforms to all of the meetings. If a scout does not wear their uniform, they will not be allowed to participate in the game during the meeting.

3) September will be Scouting Skills Month in preparation for the Camporee. Patrols will compete in scouting skills challenges for prizes and GLORY!!!! Next week: knots and lashings.

4) Wednesday, September 13 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm is the Scouting Carnival to help build interest in our Cub Scout packs. Our troop with run games and provide food. The patrols each made a plan for an activity, game, or demonstration that they will prepare for the participants. Each patrol should have representatives there.

5) September 29 – Oct 1 – District Camporee. Super fun district campout with a day of competitions (that we ruled last year). Highly encourage all scouts to attend.

6) September 21 – SPL Elections – any scouts interested in being our next SPL, should talk to me. As a reminder, candidates must have completed NYLT. Also any scouts who would like to be ASPLs, should speak to me to be considered.

7) September 21st – PLC after meeting. All troop leadership is required to attend and all non-leadership is highly encouraged to attend.

8) October 27 – 29 – Potential additional campout at Peaceful Valley. This was not on the original plan, but because the Camporee is in September rather than October, we have an opening. There will be a sign-up soon on the troop website. We will hold the campout if there is enough interest.

I think that’s all for this week. Thank you all. 

Mr. Wilcox 

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