Troop 345 Weekly Email 


Hello, thank you everyone for being flexible last week while I and Mr. Wilcox were not there. This week for our new scouts, we will plan to get them through scout, so ALL INSTRUCTORS PLEASE BE THERE and other scouts who don’t have anything to do please expect to help them. and we will be continuing the 90-day MB (Personal Fitness, Personal Management, and Family Life) the workbook links are below. As well as we are continuing the Traffic Safety Merit Badge as well. 

Personal Fitness: Microsoft Word – Personal-Fitness.docx ( 

Personal Management: Personal Management ( 

Family Life: Microsoft Word – Family-Life.docx ( 

Traffic Safety: 

1 April 23rd Trash the Trash This is a BSA activity, and we would like to participate in it as well. We will meet at Hope at 8:00 am 

2 April 26th Zach Gibbons’ Presentation On Tuesday, April 26th you can watch Zach Gibbons give his presentation about diversity and inclusion. You need this requirement for Citizenship in the Society and will be located at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church at 7:00 pm Please Contact Mrs. Gibbons with questions. 

3 July 29th – July 31st Rafting Campout Please Email Mr. Champeau

4 August 1st -12th World Scout Jamboree Please the below information by Mr. Mohr Please Contact Mr. Mohr for questions 

Next PLC: 
Our latest PLC on the 7th was a success, so we will be continuing with the 2 PLCs a month. Our next PLC will be on 4/21/2022, thank you to those who showed up and everyone who showed up last time is expected to show up again, or have your Assistant Patrol Leader come. That is this week so please contact me if you cannot be there. 

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