Troop 345! Our summer camp is scheduled for June 21st until June 27th.

If you can not signed up yet and you need more information, you can read all about in the Camp Cris Dobbins Program Guide (Program Guide).

The Program Guide contains some great information and will get you exicted about summer camp. Key information includes:

  • Page 17 decribes the merit badge options.
  • Page 32 talks about the White Water Rafting option.
  • Page 41-43 talks about the times available for the merit badges.
  • Be sure to check out Page 47, it has a check list of Forms that will need to be sent to “info at troop 345 denver dot org.”

It is time for you to start planning your activites for summer camp. Your mom or dad has received a worksheet that needs to be filled out and returned to “advancement at troop 345 denver dot org” no later than Friday May 17th!

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